Alison Lohman at event of Beowulf (2007)

Alison Lohman at event of Beowulf (2007)


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Caption: Alison Lohman at event of Beowulf (2007)
Movie: Beowulf
Actors: Alison Lohman (Net Worth )
Date: 5 November 2007
Credits: © - Image courtesy

About Alison Marion Lohman

Born: September 18, 1979
Star sign: Virgo
Height: 5' 2" (1.57 m)
Known for: Drag Me to Hell (2009), Big Fish (2003), Matchstick Men (2003), Gamer (2009)
Source: IMDB

Alison Lohman was born in Palm Springs, California, to Diane (Dunham), a patisserie owner, and Gary Lohman, an architect. Her ancestry includes English, German, and Scottish. She grew up in a family with no showbiz connections but she always wanted to perform. By age 9, she had landed her first professional, theatrical role playing "Gretyl" in "The...

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