As "Johnny Griffin" on A&E's "Breakout Kings"



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Caption: As "Johnny Griffin" on A&E's "Breakout Kings"
Actors: Miles Doleac
Date: 13 April 2012
Credits: Photo by Joshua A. Stringer - © A&E Television/Breakout Kings Productions

About Miles Doleac

Actor, Director, Writer
Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Known for: Vacation (2015), Jake's Road (2014), Miami Magma (2011), See Girl Run (2012)
Source: IMDB

Miles Doleac, a native of Hattiesburg, MS, is an actor, writer, director, producer and teacher. His academic focus is Greco-Roman antiquity. He has studied at several academies across the world including in Rome, Athens and Munich and, within the United States, at UCLA, the University of Southern Mississippi and Tulane University. After his ...

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