Samuel Bayer

Samuel Bayer


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Caption: Samuel Bayer
Actors: Samuel Bayer
Date: 23 August 2004

About Samuel David Bayer

Director, Cinematographer, Writer
Born: February 17, 1962
Star sign: Aquarius
Known for: A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), Green Day: Bullet in a Bible (2005), Metallica: The Videos 1989-2004 (2006), The Smashing Pumpkins: 1991-2000 Greatest Hits Video Collection (2001)
Source: IMDB

Having photographed and directed hundreds of music videos and commercials over the last 15 years, Samuel Bayer has firmly established himself as one of the industry's most prolific and sought-after talents. A 1987 graduate of New York City's School of Visual Arts, Bayer was a painter who saw film and video as the perfect medium to deliver his art ...

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