Jill Crenshaw

Jill Crenshaw


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Caption: Jill Crenshaw
Actors: Jill Crenshaw (Net Worth )
Date: 27 October 2012
Credits: Photo by John Phillips - © 2012

About Jill Crenshaw

Actress, Producer, Costume Department
Known for: Lionhead (2013), Idol (2006), Heaven Strewn (2011), Sky Drops (2009)
Source: IMDB

Jill Crenshaw is an American born actress living in Los Angeles. She was born in Long Island, New York as the middle of three children and grew up in Texas with her parents and brother and sister. Since moving to Los Angeles, she has traveled to over 25 countries and 49 of our 50 states. After arriving in Los Angeles, she spent several years ...

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